UK High Quality Rolex Cellinis Fake Watches

Swiss made replica Rolex also made a fair amount of wood dials for its Cellini line. The hexagonal tonneau-shaped ref. 4122 with mahogany dial measures around 28mm x 30 to 35mm, depending on the model, and looks like something a cigar-smoking, backgammon-playing aristocrat would wear to the Groucho Club in London.
The perfect fake Rolex Midas Cellini, which seems to be having a bit of a comeback these days, was also produced with a wooden dial variant. Ref. 4126 (pictured below) features a burled walnut dial inside an 18k yellow gold case with hobnail-textured finishing in the bezel.

There’s also the ref. 4127 with a mahogany burl dial and pyramid motif bezel. This rectangular-shaped case luxury fake Rolex Cellini measures 33 x 24 mm and was produced circa 1976.

The Genta designed octagonal UK AAA quality replica Rolex Cellini ref. 4350 with mahogany dial is a sleeper hit as well as the diamond-set ref. 4651. Both of these variants are lust-worthy for their deliciously chunky yellow gold case and bracelet. These are just about as ’70s as it gets for uniquely shaped dress super clone watches for sale.

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